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If you are interested to collaborate or to give a talk, please contact Prof. Rafael Crivellari Saliba Schouery, currently responsible for seminars series. All are very welcome!

Upcoming seminar(s)

02/12/2022 10:00, room 85.
“The Least Cost Directed Perfect Awareness Problem. Complexity and Algorithms”
Felipe de Carvalho Pereira

The Least Cost Directed Perfect Awareness Problem (LDPAP) is a combinatorial optimization problem that models the spreading of information on social networks. In this problem, we seek to minimize the cost of recruiting seminal individuals that are sufficient to ascertain that a given news reaches everyone on a network, under certain dissemination restrictions. Using the fact that LDPAP is a generalization of the Perfect Awareness Problem, we obtain relevant results on the complexity of LDPAP as well as a bound for its objective function. We also introduce two integer linear programming formulations and a heuristic based on the metaheuristic GRASP.

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